Easy Starting Poker Hand Chart; 6 handed

by PokerAnon ~ June 13th, 2014

This is the simplest, easiest to remember starting poker hand chart for 6 handed No Limit Texas Holdem:


Starting Poker Hands No Limit Texas Holdem 6 Max

Starting Poker Hands No Limit Texas Holdem 6 Max

How it works:

  • K or bigger from early,
  • Q or bigger from middle position,
  • J or bigger from the cutoff,
  • 10 or bigger from the button, and the same for the small blind.


  • Plus pairs, JJ from early, then 10-10, then 9-9.

This ensures that you will be playing good hands, and will make it easier to avoid difficult decisions later.

Make sure that you always raise 2.5 – 3 big blinds when you play these hands (ie.: if the blinds are 5 and 10, raise to 30). If someone before you likes to play every hand and has already just completed the blind, raise them up 4 or even 5 big blinds. They are playing any crap; make them pay to see the flop with their garbage.

There are dozens of additional considerations, too many to include in a single post.

  • Is everybody playing every hand?
  • Is there one person raising every hand?
  • Has a reasonable player already raised?
  • Is there someone who likes to re-raise whenever someone raises?
  • Is everyone always folding when someone raises?
  • Does no one fold when someone raises?
  • Does the person right ahead of you play every pot?
  • Does everyone have a full stack, or are some players playing with only 10 or 20 big blinds?
  • Do you have more than 10 big blinds, or are you playing short?
  • Is this a tournament, or a cash game?
  • What if there are only 5 at the table? Or 3? Or 8? How does that change the list?

And that’s just preflop considerations. If you raise preflop and get a call, what happens on the flop?

I’ll go into these consideration as I re-write my original blog, but if you need advice before I get around to re-writing them:


Hello world!

by PokerAnon ~ June 7th, 2014

Welcome to my new domain, www.pokeranon.com, new home of PokerAnon.

I’ve been waiting for years for this domain to come available. It belonged to someone else and they had abandoned it before I started playing poker. Even after it expired I couldn’t get it.

Now, after changing hosts, I looked again, and it was finally available. So I grabbed it.

Thing is, now I know how to play, and I’ve reached the point where I don’t do as much playing as I used to. So, what am I going to fill the pages with? Very few Aha moments on the horizon, and not a lot of grind status updates.

But I do still play, even though Black Friday, April 15, 2011, knocked out a lot of my volume, and stopped me from getting comfy at $100nl full ring tables at PokerStars.

And I plan to re-visit some of my old posts, re-write them, make them simpler and clearer, and add any more experienced thoughts that I can add. This has always been geared toward the beginner to intermediate level player and that isn’t likely to change since I’m too busy and not interested in grinding up to nosebleed stakes.

So I’m glad you found this place, and I hope you’ll check back and see how far we can take it.