$10 NL Full Ring: April 11

by PokerAnon ~ April 12th, 2015. Filed under: Poker Analysis.

* Modified April 18th, 2015 *

I’ve transferred all but $100 from Full Tilt to Stars, then cashed out PokerStars down to $200. I just haven’t been playing a lot and I thought I’d have better uses for my money.

This weekend I decided to go back to where I started; $10 NL full ring, non-Zoom.

Some hands from day one, in descending order of final pot size:

Villain’s second hand at the table so I have no stats. Even against a early position raise I’m fine raising and getting KK in preflop, for reasons like his hand turns out to be:

Next, caller is 38/4 over only 25 hands, but this is the type of player that I’m playing this level for. The min-3 bettor is 53/18, but this was early against him as well. I’m fine getting AKs in preflop against players like this, especially with the min 3-bet.

The other option here would be to flat the min-raise and see the flop, then maybe fold turn if he fires two barrels. Not overly fond of that option way out of position like this. Player in between who calls all in pre with A3o ….

Next player is 94/44 over 18 hands. This is the kind of player you see at home games. I flop top two and bet, hoping not to fold bottom pair type hands, then snap call the river shove … he got his two pair that he was calling for on the river and wanted value.

Here the same villain that min-3 bet before. I’m getting too good of odds to fold KQ in position so I call. Flop top pair, but I’m dead to AQ/KK/AA so I just call. Turn I’m only losing to AQ so I raise a little, hoping he can’t fold his underpair.

Medium pairs are common for min-3 bets, so I could be behind a set of tens, but it feels more like 99/JJ or AT maybe. On the river his hand doesn’t feel like AK; with this sort of player I wouldn’t expect him to bet the turn as well, so I bet size hoping AT/JJ/99 will call …

Next villain is 26/11 over 120 hands. Another min-3 bet and again I’m getting odds to complete.

Flop an OESD, call as he bets, but there’s a Q on the flop, so by the time my straight fills, any K beats me so I just check/call.

Next is 67/21 over 39 hands. Not the greatest board, but I can’t fold when I have something and his min-check-raise could mean A6.

And that’s it for big hands in day one.

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