$10 NL Full Ring: April 12

by PokerAnon ~ April 14th, 2015. Filed under: Poker Analysis.

And on to day 2.

First hand is kinda gross. QQ, 3 bet by a 14/10. If the player were a little more aggressive I’d be more fine with this as, since he’ll have position, this could be AQ as well as AK or even AJs.

It was a little annoying that he flats my 4 bet IP preflop. Not that it mattered, given the pot size.

At least he waited for the blind to come around, before leaving the table. Still, kinda cheap, IMHO.

Next, I don’t recommend this play. Early position raiser is 11/7 so I could 3 bet, but I’ll have position on him so I opt to flat. I may have to fold if an Ace comes on the flop, especially if there are other callers making it more likely that someone has one.

But I flat. Flop comes J high, and a donkey that I’ve played before, 60/3, min bets, so I raise. He raises, I raise again, and he flats?

On the turn he checks and I put him in, and he actually tanks. I know that because of the small preflop raise that his range is wide and includes all pairs and probably 54 and maybe even J5s/J4s, but why raise my flop bet and then flat my re-raise?

Gross situation I put myself in with the preflop call, but then I guess I get to trap and idiot who likes his top pair no kicker on the flop.

Again, I don’t recommend this kind of play.

Next villain is tight; 9/8 over 99 hands. I just hate to fold JJ here if he has AK, so I’m ready to call at least one street postflop if the flop is low.

His 3 bet means I don’t have odds to set-mine here, but JJ does have other post-flop opportunities.

Next hand I only have a couple hands on this guy, so I’m pretty much in the dark, other than he’s short and therefore likely not a good player.

I snap called his river bet because it didn’t make any sense with a 66T33 board. Maybe he has a ten or pair bigger than a 3, but I guess he’s expecting an Ace high chop with two pairs on the board, or just straight out bluffing his missed flush draw.

Next guy I tried to chase around PokerStars because he left the table soon after. He’s the type of player that you need to see just a few hands and then you try to get in a hand with him, knowing what you need to do, but, this was one of the first hands against him. He’s 83/33 over 11 hands in my database.

Unfortunately he disappeared for a while and then showed up at a table with a wait list and I couldn’t get on until after he lost his money to someone else.

Next hand villain is decent; 22/17 over 111 hands with a 3bet stat of 16, so I choose to not fold AQ. I could be dead to AK, or not …

One last hand, which wasn’t very big pot-size wise, but it had an interesting situation.

Squeeze comes from a tight player; 10/7 over 218 hands. How much does he understand? How wide is his range here?

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