Who Am I?

Welcome to my new domain, www.pokeranon.com, new home of PokerAnon.

I’ve been waiting for years for this domain to come available. It belonged to someone else and they had abandoned it before I started playing poker.

From my old “Who Am I?”:

How/When did I start? I became interested in poker in late spring or so of 2006. By the summer I was building a play money bankroll online. In November I won a little real money on some freerolls on a small site, and then between Christmas of 2006 and New Years 2007 I finally made the plunge and deposited $50 from a birthday gift on one of the major poker playing sites.

That $50 is the only deposit of non-poker-earned money. I’ve purchased some poker software and books but even taking those costs into consideration my total bankroll by the summer/fall of 2007 stood at $400, so poker is a self-funding hobby. (Edit; spring of 2010, bankroll is quite a ways beyond this now)(Edit: 2014, a few thousand dollars beyond, now). A few of my online friends are now making their living playing poker on-line and one of them is now a coach at one of the coaching sites. I’m not a professional poker player and have no interest in becoming one, but it’s nice to know that some of the people that I’ve played against and worked through poker theory with over the years have been able to move past the hobby status and on to the professional level.

Where did this blog originate? This blog began as an email that I sent over and over to myself so I could keep adding to the entries. After losing a few entries when I didn’t send them right away I decided to move it all to a blog. Every entry in this blog will be entered with the intention of either writing a thought or situation down so that I don’t forget it, or for mulling it over to try to develop more clarification in my own mind.


Beyond that, I am married, with kids, have a job that keeps me in an office, and a few other hobbies/passions, none of which will get much coverage within the pages of this blog unless there is a connection to poker in some manner.


I should mention that I have

  1. played as a short stacker,
  2. played projects of Sit and Goes,
  3. played a lot of freerolls,
  4. played multitable full ring games,
  5. built bankrolls from freerolls and cashed out,
  6. played some PLO and Stud,
  7. played play money,

and I mention these different aspects of poker in various posts. But unless the post specifically refers to one aspect or another, most posts probably refer to full buy in ring No Limit Hold’em cash games or maybe both cash and tournaments. I think some readers mistakenly assume because I mention short stacking or sit and goes, and that’s what they play, they assume that that’s my main game. But by far most of my poker to date has been played at 9 player real money cash tables while buying in for the maximum.

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